We Reward Users For Sharing Their Opinions.

It couldn’t bee more simple.

We know you value your customers. And that they have valuable opinions and ideas of their own that you’d love to tap into.

We also know that today’s busy customer receives hundreds of emails per day and scrolls through dozens of windows on their digital devices. Getting your customers to cut through the clutter to respond to a survey from you can be…near impossible.

Except it can BEE POSSIBLE.

RewardBee is a digital platform through which companies collect valuable consumer insights across any topic that will help in achieving their business goals.

Some sample topics include:

  • Shopping Habits – Online vs. retail?
  • Vacation Plans – Cruise vs. hotel?
  • Political Views – Is global warming real?
  • Parenting Styles – Time-out parent or not?
  • …and so much more

We believe in thanking respondents for their time and opinion…all of our surveys incentivize engagement by rewarding points.

And we believe in instant gratification, as these points can be redeemed immediately for valued prizes from the top brands we’ve partnered with.

Customer Experiences With Your Products & Services Matter.

Some of the feedback our clients have collected include:

  • New product/service ideas
  • Improvements to existing products/services
  • Customer care satisfaction
  • Comparisons to a competitive offer

RewardBee By The Numbers

Our member base has grown by leaps and bounds since our first member completed a survey in December 2015:


Members engaged via our survey platform


Surveys completed each month


Average time users spend on each survey.

5 Star

Our Google user rating

Below are just some of the rockstar brands that RewardBee has partnered with:

Lead generation solutions via our survey path:

  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Reward catalog prizes include:

  • Magazine subscriptions – print & digital
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Free product samples
  • Free trials to subscription products