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Let Us Be Your Bird Dog.

Looking to reach digital news subscribers aged 18-25? Or video game fanatics in the Midwest? We’ve got you! Our sophisticated advertising platform builds customized audience profiles to micro-target the consumers you are looking for.

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Create Customers –
For Life.

Everyone likes to feel special from time to time. That’s why when you treat your customers right, they’ll often return the favor. Our marketing products don’t just drive revenue, they build loyal fans for life.

The 360 Media Direct
Service Platforms

Got traffic, but need the offers to keep customers on your site? Or, got the offers, but need more traffic to your site? AdSmith is a targeted advertising platform that connects companies with engaged consumers throughout various points of a transaction path.

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Customer appreciation is what makes us tick. bPerx offers an engaging rewards platform that delivers meaningful perks for valued customers and builds brand-loyalty for companies.

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We love when good people meet good products. At Covalent Media Group, our digital lead generation platform does the hard targeting work to scope out and deliver the engaged consumer leads you are looking for.

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At Hummingbird Digital Media, we connect readers with the digital books that keep them informed, engaged, and entertained. Our turnkey ebook and audiobook retailing platform brings together book publishers, authors, and numerous traditional and online retailers and organizations.

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A survey question for business owners…spend money on driving engagement or building loyalty? With the RewardBee survey platform, companies achieve both by pairing survey questions with coveted – and targeted – rewards.

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 Five words: we are here for you. Always. Subco provides uniquely tailored customer service and fulfillment services for online and offline retailers, publishers, sales agents, loyalty points companies and more.

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Have content? We have millions of engaged media consumers across a unique blend of interests and locations. Waiting Room Subscription Services strengthens brand identities and builds audiences through precision-targeted distribution and advertising channels.

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Our Product Portfolio = Your Marketing Toolkit

You need the right tools for the job. Let’s build an engaging journey for your customers together.

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